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What Is The #1 Mistake Startup Business Owners & SME Made When Engaging Web Designer ?

Spending money on fascinating and costly web design that confuses the search engine and can’t convert visitors to customers.

You will agree that the internet is prevalent in this modern age where technology dominates the human communication facet. Websites which are deemed to be cost-effective, are more commonly used to enhance marketing activities for businesses.

It is essential that each website matches and is parallel to the business objectives. With these carefully thought and applied, businesses can be assured of positive long-term performance that are measurable.

Assisting start-up businesses develop its web presence with measurable objectives based on user experience is our forte. Our expertise lies in ensuring that businesses thrive without compromising its brand.

As we take each website we develop as our own, we make certain that your needs are carefully noted – we listen and craft strategies and brand impression that fulfills business essentials, hence enhancing each web presence to a pedestal.

So, having said these, why don’t you start considering revamping or designing a welcoming and attractive website that impresses the search engines and compels visitors? You will be on you way to convert curious visitors to customers in no time!

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What is the #1 mistake Start-up Business Owners & SMEs make when they receive completed websites from the Web Developer?

To assume that the website will self-sustain without on-going maintenance and updating of content and scripts.

Do you know that outdated website is the major target by malwares and hackers?

Your website represents your business to the world of potential customers 24-hours a day.

Imagine how devastating it could be to your business if potential clients were to land on your website, only to find that it is outdated, coupled with page errors and swarmed with emerging screens of malware and hacker attacks.

Such undesirable incidents may well effect the credibility of your business. As a result, potential clients may be wary and may not your business offerings.

So, why don’t you consider having a webmaster manage your website daily to ensure that it is primed and always on its readiness to receive potential clients?

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What is the #1 mistake Startup Business Owners & SMEs make when marketing their Website?

Placing 100% emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
to drive traffic to their website.

The main reason why we don’t recommend startup businesses to purchase a SEO package is because we understand the prime concern of generating sales/lead when starting out.

Engaging SEO service provider does not necessarily provide an assurance that your website is reaching out to your targeted customers in periods or time frame that your business may expect. As a result business outcome or budgets may be affected.

We understand that capital and monetary resources in a business is paramount.
Therefore, we have created instant result based web promotion and marketing solutions complementary to each business needs.

So why don’t you consider ready solutions to reach out to your target audiences more effectively?

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